A great Number of good and bad authors has dealed with the topic 'Demons' within the genre of horror-literature. Since a complete list of all with a short summary would farly exceed the space and frame belonging to me, I chose a selection of some of the most well-known authors that gained fame and honors in this particular part of literature and pick out the most famous amongst them to introduce them to you a little closer.
If this can't satisfy your thirst for knowledge and you need more information about the mentioned persons, you will have to
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Authors from past and nowadays:

M. Babits, C. Barker, M.R. Becher, E.F. Benson, A. Bierce, C. Birkin, A. Blackwood, J. Blish, R. Bloch, J. R. Bonansinga, R. Bradbury, G. Brandner, P.A. Brisco, P. Z. Brite, M. Bulgakow, E. Bulwer-Lytton, J. Burke, P. Busson, M. Butler, D. Buzzati,

M. Cadnum, R. Campbell, T. Caroll, A. B. Casares, F. Chapell, A. Chatrian, R. Chetwynd-Haines, D. Clegg, N. Conde,

H. de Balzac, W. de la Mare, V. de l'isle-Adam, G. de Maupassant, R. Devil, C. Dickens, J. Donelly, A.C. Doyle,
Lord Dunsany

G. Endore, E. Erckmann, H.H. Ewers,

J. Farris,

T. Gautier, R. Giles, N. Gogol, F. Gordon, S. Grabinski, C.L. Grant, S. Gregory, M. Gruber,

S. Harris, W. Hauff, J. Herbert, M.T. Hinkemeyer, W. Hjortsberg, R. Hoddstock, W.H. Hodgson, E.T.A. Hoffmann,
W. Hohlbein, J.R. Holt,

M.R. James

P. Kast, W. Katz, S. King (R. Bachmann), T. King, M.T. Knight, K. Koja, D.R. Koontz,

J.R. Lansdale, F. Lauria, S. Laws, D.H. Lawrence, R. Laymore, S. Le Fanu, T. Lee, F. Leiber, A. Lernet-Holenia, G. Leroux, I. Levin, J. London, H.P. Lovecraft, K. Luif, B. Lumley,

Y. Mac Manus, A. Machen, J. Martenson, G.R.R. Martin, G. Masterton, R. Matheson,C.R. Maturin, R. McCammon,
K. McCauley, G. Meyrink, D. Morell, R. Morgan, A.R. Morlan,

D. O'Brannagan, O. Onions, T. Owen,

A. Perez-Reverte, L. Perutz, T. Piccirilli, C. Pike, E.A. Poe,

J. Ray, J. Russo,

J. Sackett, A. Sarrantino, J. Saul, Sarban, D. Seltzer, J.D. Shackleford, Lao She, M.W. Shelley, J. Shirley, D. Shryack,
D. Simmons, C.A. Smith, P. Smith, S. Spruill, B. Stoker, M. Straczynski, P. Straub, W. Strieber, T. Sullivan,

A. Terz, H. Tiaden, J. Tigges, J.R. Tolkien, P. Tremayne, P. Trevinnard, C. Turney, L. Tuttle, M. Twain, T. Tyron,

K.E. Wagner, H. Walpole, M.W. Wellmann, D. Wheatley, H.S. Whitehead, O. Wilde.