Demons in sexuality
The path of excess leads to the tower of wisdom
(William Blake)

demonical orgy Sex-lexicon

Lasciviousness is a game with the connoisseur and with the one to be enjoyed
But all lust wants eternity - wants deep, deep eternity
Fetishismn Succubus and Incubus
In many religions sexuality is seen as something bad, and people are told sex, which doesn’t happens for the purpose of making children is a sin. Often it’s that the representants of this certain religion have to spend their life in an asexual, ascetic state as servants of and imagined god. To make this dogmas more impressive they played with a very origin way of receiving power – Fear!

The most forms of sexuality were demonized, which means declared as games of demons, and then decorated with attributes like unnatural, perverted or abnorm, to make people believe that their sexual wishes and desires will have grave consequences.
Even today, there are so called scientists, servants of different churches which claim such nonsense like that masturbation lets the penis rot off and other unsubstantial nonsense.

The effect of these menaces was and is doubtable, because desire is mostly stronger than moral, and people loved to play these forbidden games. Even ones who actually lived in the way the church teached, so became its biggest enemies. They began, under the camouflage of black masses and pretended devil adoration, to live out their desires with kindred spirited ones.

It’s just that there are many ways of sexual pleasure, different for everyone of us, and so in the enlightened society of the 21st century, it should be everyone’s own issue, which noone has to care about, as long as this person doesn’t harm other people.