Negura Bunget - Zau >>> 30.11.2021
Negura Bunget - Zau
>> Band/CD-Info
NEGURĂ BUNGET present their breath-taking swansong "Zău" to the world. This captivating, deep, and multi-layered final part of the Romanian's "Transylvanian trilogy" was hanging by a thread.

Altareht - Blood >>> 06.11.2021
Altareht - Blood
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On their debut full-length "Blood", ALTARETH serve their sludgy guitars low and slow, with a slab of fuzz and a side of doom in massive portions. The Swedes from Gothenburg have built their musical foundation on a melding of heavy riffs and memorable melodies that is carried on four pillars of soaring vocals, fuzzy guitars, pounding drums, and fat, resonating bass.

Kayo Dot - Moss Grew on the Swords and Plowshares Alike >>> 29.10.2021
Kayo Dot - Moss Grew on the Swords and Plowshares Alikeb
>> Band/CD-Info
Death, whether in stealth or striking upon its bell, stalks us from the womb onward. The life of the ascetic and the life of the voluptuary are one life, and will dissolve with the drunkard and the saint", writes Jason Byron, whose words are a primary force of the creation of the musical universe charted by KAYO DOT mastermind Toby Driver.

Illudium - Ash of the womb >>> 15.10.2021
Illudium - Ash of the womb
>> Band/CD-Info
"Ash of the Womb", the sophomore full-length from California's ILLUDIUM was born in the fiery pandemonium of the burning season of 2020 when huge tracts of the usually sunshine-filled state went up in flames and skies glowed orange at night.

Kaelan Mikla - Undir köldum noroeumljósum >>> 15.10.2021
Kaelan Mikla - Undir köldum noroeumljósum
>> Band/CD-Info
Das renommierte Artoffact-Label aus Kanada hat wieder eine echte Perle im Angebot. Kaelan Mikla wurden 2013 im Rahmen eines Poesiewettbewerbs in Reykjavik gegründet und haben sich seitdem von einem DIY-Punk-Projekt zu einer etablierten Gruppe entwickelt, die fester Bestandteil der aktuellen Musikszene ist.

THIEF - The 16 Deaths of My Master >>> 27.08.2021
THIEF - The 16 Deaths of My Master
>> Band/CD-Info
THIEF have already gained cult status among the initiated, which might be taken quite literally considering that the backbone of their sound has been formed by manipulated sacred chant and choral samples. Although the project of American multi-instrumentalist Dylan Neal from Los Angeles, California continues along this path, his third album "The 16 Deaths of My Master" surprises with a much heavier use of original instrumentation such as strings, organ, harpsichord, bass, guitar, and other hardware synths.

Botanist and Thief- Cicatrix/Diamond Brush >>> 27.08.2021
BOTANIST and THIEF - Cicatrix/Diamond Brush
>> Band/CD-Info
The pairing of San Francisco post-black metal outfit BOTANIST and Los Angeles based electronic project THIEF might seem somewhat of a misfit on the surface. Yet on closer inspection there is much to connect the two acts despite their stylistic differences that explains their split-album "Cicatrix/Diamond Brush". Both bands were conceived and record mostly recording as solo-projects run by a single mastermind, and both multi-instrumentalists recruit live members to bring their music on the stage.

Unreqvited - Beautiful Ghosts >>> 13.08.2021
Unreqvited - Beautiful Ghosts
>> Band/CD-Info
Pop music basically has one universal topic: love. Although the theme is presented in many variants about love being desired, lost love, the act of loving and so on, pop is generally all about love. This constitutes probably the main reason why metal bands generally shy away from that subject – as their musical genre defines itself partly as the very antithesis to all things pop. This rule of thumb applies the more, the darker a particular subgenre presents itself.

Lantlos - Wildhund >>> 30.07.2021
Lantlos - Wildhund
>> Band/CD-Info
Some bands are highly regarded by their fans as they keep delivering great albums in the same style over and over. LANTLOS are clearly not one of those. The followers of this outstanding metal entity lead by instigator and mastermind Markus Siegenhort rather value the ever changing nature and constant evolution of his bubbling musical creativity.

Xasthur - Victims of the Times >>> 09.07.2021
Xasthur - Victims of the Times
>> Band/CD-Info
With "Victims of the Times", XASTHUR deliver an acid folk road trip through the dark underbelly of the American dream.

Heavy Temple - Lupi Amoris >>> 18.06.2021
Heavy Temple - Lupi Amoris
>> Band/CD-Info
HEAVY TEMPLE crash forth like a roaring mastodon in a thunderstorm with their first official full-length, "Lupi Amoris," and it has all the markings of a landmark record

Dornenreich - Du wilde Liebe sei >>> 11.06.2021
Dornenreich - Du wilde Liebe sein
>> Band/CD-Info
DORNENREICH offer a veritable cornucopia of wonderful surprises on their ninth full-length "Du wilde Liebe sei" ("You Wild Love Be"). The Tyrolean trio has used the more than seven years that have passed since the release of their latest masterpiece "Freiheit" (2014) well to create a new dimension of sound.

T-TOPS - Staring at a Static Screen >>> 28.05.2021
T-TOPS - Staring at a Static Screen
>> Band/CD-Info
Sophomore T-TOPS full-length "Staring at a Static Screen" is as gritty and soaked with urban detritus as it gets.

Kirlian Camera - Cold Pills >>> 14.05.2021
Kirlian Camera - Cold Pills
>> Band/CD-Info
Cold Pills (Scarlet Gate of Toxic Daybreak)", KIRLIAN CAMERA deliver their darkest music yet.

Noeta - Elm >>> 23.04.2021
Noeta - Elm
>> Band/CD-Info
The sound of a teardrop falling onto a moss covered stone. The sound of a heart breaking. The sound of a rosebud opening at dawn.

Byrdi - Birjing >>> 05.03.2021
Byrdi - Birjing
>> Band/CD-Info
With their third full-length "Byrjing" ("Beginning"), BYRDI are taking the important step from a highly respected underground act to an established force within the realm of Nordic folk. (DE)

Empyrium - Über den Sternen >>> 27.02.2021
Empyrium - Ueber den Sternen
>> Band/CD-Info
"Album of the Month" in Metal Hammer (DE) and Sonic Seducer (DE)
Mountain vistas of sombre forests stretching towards the horizon, majestic ruins of medieval castles still standing proud on ragged cliffs, water spirits lurking in dark moorlands beckoning unwary wanderer to the depths – the very same motifs that inspired the painters and poets of German Romanticism have also given rise to EMPYRIUM in 1994.

Fortid - World Serpent >>> 11.12.2020
Fortid - World Serpent
>> Band/CD-Info
"Album of the Month" in Metal Hammer (DE) and Sonic Seducer (DE)
In the pagan mind, every end also marks a beginning. The Norse gods perish in a final battle of a chain of apocalyptic events called Ragnaroek that witnesses the old world die in flames.

Katla - Allt Petta Helvitis Myrkur >>> 13.11.2020
Katla - Allt Petta Helvitis Myrkur
>> Band/CD-Info
The infamous Icelandic low is defined as a large and persistent atmospheric low-pressure centre that forms between Iceland and Greenland and is often the cause of strong winter winds over the North Atlantic. KATLA artistically translate this meteorological depression into dark doom-infused metal and deep musical emotion.

Völur - Death Cult >>> 13.11.2020
Völur - Death Cult
>> Band/CD-Info
To the casual listener, Völur might 'just' appear to write great doom songs with an avant-garde approach using elements from folk, classical music and free jazz.

Various Artists - Vol. 4 >>> 31.10.2020
Various Artists - Vol. 4e
>> Band/CD-Info
Magnetic Eye bows at the Birmingham altar to celebrate BLACK SABBATH’s 50th anniversary with an offering of an end-to-end re-imagining of Vol. 4, which still remains as one of the most acclaimed albums in the canon of these godfathers of heavy metal

Secrets of the Moon - Black House >>> 08.05.2020
Secrets of the Moon - Black House
>> Band/CD-Info
On their seventh full-length Black House, Secrets Of The Moon offer us a re-invented version of their pristinely sinister rock music. Reunited with founding member Lars Plegge (Daevas), the Germans further explore the path taken on critically acclaimed predecessor Sun (ranked by opinion-forming German magazine Rock Hard among the key albums of the new millennium), serving nothing and no one, only their songs.

Vuur and Zijde - Impavida >>> 08.05.2020
Vuur and Zijde - Impavida
>> Band/CD-Info
In advance of their forthcoming debut album via Prophecy Productions / Lupus Lounge, newly formed black metal trio Vuur & Zijde ("fire and silk") - featuring members of Laster, Nusquama and Terzij de Horde - will introduce themselves on a split-release alongside the similarly enigmatic Impavida.

The Mystery Of the Bulgarian Voices feat. Lisa Gerrard - Shandai Ya Stanka >>> 17.04.2020
The Mystery Of the Bulgarian Voices feat. Lisa Gerrard - Shandai Ya Stanka
>> Band/CD-Info
Otherworldly female vocals from extraordinary performers have always been the trademark of world-famous choir ensemble The Mystery Of The Bulgarian Voices (formerly known as "Les Mystères Des Voix Bulgares")

Perchta - Ufang >>> 01.04.2020
Perchta - Ufang
>> Band/CD-Info
Atmospheric black metal and Tyrolean folk - the lore of the Austrian Alps is alive