Duncan Evans - Prayer for an Absentee

The album is entitled Prayers for an Absentee. There are eight songs, each a kind of prayer in its own way. Many are fanciful ruminations on real memories. Some are pure fantasy. Some are songs of sadness and some are songs of love. 

What links them is a sense of yearning, nostaligia for things absent: saudade perhaps. This is not a folk record, but I hope that the songs evoke a flicker of the same duende that haunts good folk music. The songs were conceived over a couple of years and embryonic versions were recorded using acoustic guitar and my voice. But most of them decided of their own accord to outgrow that setting. So I enlisted a band of superlative musicians - Ol Jessop on bass, Kev Reid on drums, Phil Cullumbine on piano and organ, Dershna Morker providing backing vocals - and the songs were allowed to sculpt themselves within this environment. 

We recorded in an old church and in my home studio. Sometimes the music is soft and tender and sometimes the music is noisy and abrasive. I hope these arrangements and recordings are fitting vessels for the songs, and I hope that those who listen can find something worthwhile and meaningful therein.