Itís very hard to find good literature about demons. Surely, there are many books about many ways of magic, and there are also some with listings of demons.

But if you want to get in touch with the topic of calling demons, the evocation, youíll have a big problem with finding good material. And you mustnít forget that evocations are dangerous and need preparation, you need to do a lot of work about this and you need to believe. I want to warn everyone who thinks that this is just a game. And I especially want to warn the novices! If you believe in demons, and if you want to evocate a demon, you first have to ask yourself why you want to do this. If you have answered yourself this question, you can make you project become reality, and you will find answers to you questions.

But Ė who knows? Maybe all those who meant to call a demon into our world have only met her very own one!