Demonical Art

“No demon without passion
No genius without demon”

(Julius Rodenberg)

Dämonischer Künstler
„Demonic influence“ were inspiring artists in every time and direction. Their visions became a pandemonium of fear and reflect in orgies of hell on canvas or abnormal sculptures, which shock every visitor.
But many ask the question:
Are these only human phantasias or were these artist seeing into another dimension, a dimension of dark abysses, just like H.P. Lovecraft said so perfectly in his short story “Pickmans Model” (1926):

„only the true artist knows the real anatomy of horror or the psychology of strangling fear, their exact lines, colours and lightings in our subconsciousness that cause an unspeakable fear.”

miscellaneous in stone
St. Jan
Famous on canvas
The old graveyard
The art of Marcia Lux
Dark Idol